Episode 9: Annotated Source Code With Docco (FREE!)

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The two previous episodes ( episode #7 ) and ( episode #8 ) showed how to build a plugin for BackboneJS from the ground up and created an AMD build along side the standard build. In this episode, I’m going to use a tool called Docco to generate annotated source code as documentation for the Syphon project that I’ve been building. Then once I have that done, I’ll create a branch in my Github project to host the documentation via Github’s “Pages” feature.

In this FREE episode, you’ll see:

  • Installing Pygments
  • Installing CoffeeScript
  • Installing Docco
  • Running Docco
  • Setting Up Github’s “Pages” feature
  • Deploying To Github’s “Pages”
  • And More!

I’ve blogged about Docco before. But I wanted to show how to get it up and running in a screencast as well. I think the visual aspect of seeing all the tools being installed, and seeing docco run really shows how easy this is!

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