The JavaScript Fundamentals Screencasts

Javascript fundamentals

JavaScript, the “little language that could”, is more popular than ever before. Even with it’s popularity and current “shiny” status, though, it’s often misunderstood and thrown off as a toy that doesn’t get any real attention.

I believe a large part of this unfortunate perspective is due to JavaScript’s namesake and basic syntactial style: Java. This namesake is an unfortunate problem, as the saying “Java is to JavaScript as Ham is to Hamster” points out. In spite of all this, though, JavaScript is a tremendously powerful language that is worthy of it’s own study and understanding as a language on it’s own  distinct feature set and capabilities.

Aimed at developers who are familiar with but still confused by some of the details within the language, I have a handful of screencasts will teach you the fundamentals of JavaScript’s      variable scopes, context, and objects and prototypes and more.

Check out these screencasts to clarify the muddy waters of JavaScript’s deceptively simple yet stunningly complex syntax.